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About Us 

CVMA® 23-21 is proud to be part of the national Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association®. We believe in the power of Brotherhood & Sisterhood, and our members are united in their deep love of country and motorcycles. We offer support and camaraderie to veterans of all stripes, and work tirelessly to honor their sacrifices by giving back to the community. From fundraising events to charity rides, we are constantly looking for ways to support and promote veterans’ causes. If you're looking to be part of a like-minded community, or to support the veterans who have done so much for us all, reach out to us today.

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The emblem of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® is in the shape of a skull encompassed by the following colors:



For the blood that has been shed on the battlefields.



Representing all branches of military service of the U.S.



For the heavy hearts possessed for those that are considered missing in action or prisoners of war.


The skull and ace of spade represents the death that war leaves in its wake.



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